Our Mission

Council has following goals and objectives

  • Promote collaboration and cooperation among Masajid and Muslim ¬†organizations
  • Build consensus on issues of common interests and concerns
  • Improve leadership communication and management skills
  • Standardize best practices to optimize processes
  • Strengthen communities through education, empowerment, and mobilization
  • Yearly recognition of people making the difference in the outer community

What your mosque or organization can expect from the council

  • Access to network of Muslim non-profits for expert advice and support
  • Wider publicity of your key events, services and activities
  • Emergency response system
  • Government Affairs
  • Islamophobia
  • Interfaith & Outreach
  • Partner in organizing conventions
  • Organize Seminars
  • Islamic center open house coordination
  • Mentors & education support for inmates
  • Media relations and spokespersons
  • Leadership development programs
  • Best practices manuals Muslim organizations¬†

What this council expects from your mosque or non-profit

  • Become member of the council
  • Become advisor of council
  • Become member of various sub-committees
  • Commitment to work together in harnessing collective strengths
  • Participate in community events and build relations

All internal matters of affiliated organizations will be managed by their own Boards. Council to avoid conflicting or parallel programs and services. Participation in council meetings DOES NOT necessarily mean official endorsement of the council by your organization. Council will not interfere in member organizations affair and play an advisory and supportive role if requested